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United Association of Moors

The United Association of Moors is an opportunity for young Diasporic Afrakans or indigenous communities who reside and wish to contribute to the greatness of the region of Alkebulan (AFRAKA) and the Americas. The program has two components:

● Desire to educate masses on the human rights violations of specific demographics globally through cultural genocide and rejuvenation of culture and identity through universal education platforms

● Training will focus on leadership, innovation, international-mindedness, and digital technologies

● Creating long-lasting partnerships with organizations that have the necessary resources for economic opportunities in ethnic communities

● A strategized platform that seeks to aggregate data for ethnic groups that experience algorithmic biases

● Cultivation of trade unions created for ethnic communities that lack necessary agency on workers’ and human rights

Moor Solar

The objective of the project is to develop solutions, tools, resources, and opportunities to promote pollution-free and limit greenhouse gases to be emitted after installations. This project will be required to take energy from the sun-generated by solar panels and convert the energy to AC voltage, which will be able to power most electronic devices. This will further the renewable clean power that is available every day. The target is to have about 44 public events, 88 workforce teams, 111 strategically piloted programs of the solar-paneled electrical charging stations for cars, buses, trains, and/or trolleys across the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) areas.

Strategic Partnership

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Moor Search

Moor Search SERP seeks to resolve the problem of current algorithm biases which cause submersion of specific ethnic-based content to keep public masses misinformed.



There is an unmet need to re-educate the masses on the historical truths of the perils in our society.


“Shall the labor unions use their influence to deprive the 'black' man of his opportunity to labor…[or] unite with those who want to give every man, regardless of color, race or creed, what Colonel Roosevelt calls the ‘square deal' in the matter of labor?”




Moor Culture


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