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United      Association       of       Moors

The United Association of Moors provides an opportunity for young Diasporic Afrakan or indigenous individuals residing in Alkebulan (AFRAKA) and the Americas to contribute to the growth of their region. 

  • Join the United Association of Moors and empower your community! We offer education on global human rights violations, leadership training, digital skills, and partnerships for economic opportunities. We also collect data on algorithmic biases and establish trade unions for workers' and human rights. Be a part of our movement today!

Moor Solar

The objective of the project is to develop solutions, tools, resources, and opportunities to promote pollution-free and limit greenhouse gases to be emitted after installations. This project will be required to take energy from the sun-generated by solar panels and convert the energy to AC voltage, which will be able to power most electronic devices. This will further the renewable clean power that is available every day. The target is to have about 44 public events, 88 workforce teams, and 111 strategically piloted programs of the solar-panelled electrical charging stations for cars, buses, trains, and/or trolleys across the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) areas.

Come Work With Us!

Thanks for Applying!

The United Association of Moors (UAOM) is a socially conscious organization that recognizes the value and dedication of veterans in the community. As such, they strategically hire and provide opportunities for veterans to contribute their skills and knowledge towards STEAM projects, social and wealth empowerment initiatives. By doing so, they provide a platform for veterans to continue to serve their communities while also providing opportunities for growth and development.

Through their commitment to sustainable innovation and ethical practices in algorithmic programming, UAOM actively works towards creating a more equitable and just society. Their projects are centered around empowering underserved communities, creating opportunities for growth and advancement, and promoting social and economic justice.

For those interested in joining the UAOM team, there are various administrative openings available. These positions offer an opportunity to work with a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to creating positive change in the world. By joining UAOM, you can become a part of a community that is actively working towards building a better future for all.





There is an unmet need to re-educate the masses on the historical truths of the perils in our society.

“Shall the labor unions use their influence to deprive the 'black' man of his opportunity to labor…[or] unite with those who want to give every man, regardless of color, race or creed, what Colonel Roosevelt calls the ‘square deal' in the matter of labor?”




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