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Our society faces a critical need to educate the masses on the historical realities of our nation's perils. Redlining, a discriminatory practice used to segregate neighborhoods and exclude minorities from accessing credit and resources, is a crucial aspect of this discussion. To understand the political-economic divide between Black and White Americans, it is essential to analyze the roots of this harmful practice. Moreover, we must deconstruct the social construct of race and evaluate how it has been used to justify white supremacy throughout history. The race's categorization in the 18th century was a legislative policy designed to exploit free or cheap labor, deny credit, and limit liberty and the pursuit of happiness for marginalized groups.

These human race taxonomies have no scientific grounding and were created to serve as a justification for the subjugation and oppression of people based on the color of their skin. Despite race notions being debunked as arbitrary biological fiction, racial categories continue to be used to categorize people and dictate their access to resources. This categorization often limits their agency and access to financial, medical, social, or political opportunities. Unfortunately, racial taxonomies are still widely used in medical teaching, practice, and research, perpetuating systemic racism and health disparities. It is vital to acknowledge the historical legacy of redlining and race categorization to address the systemic inequalities that exist in our society today. By educating ourselves on these truths, we can work towards a more just and equitable future for all.


I am because we are. Zulu phrase "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu", which literally means that a person is a person through other people. ... Ubuntu is that nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both.

Moor Identity

Furthermore, racial taxon’s were used to implement the method of redlining communities of eumelanin/carbon. An example of this can be found in observing the American Prison Complex and its high numbers of wrongfully convicted Black men and women under misdemeanor charges. Racial taxon was used to implement the practice of redlining communities of eumelanin/carbon. Redlining in America has been the process of boxing in minorities based on a tax bracket by mortgage lenders when they refuse to lend money or extend credit to borrowers in certain areas, some regions, or renters on race,

color, religion, sex, origin, disability, or other differences.

Moor Private Equity

We will focus on global scaled technology platforms that enable transformation a better future. Moor Private Equity investment fund leverage financial, human, and social capital to help founders build. sustainable, technology enabled businesses. 

Moor Property

We will focus on acquiring real estate properties for developing housing cooperatives in native communities across the globe starting within the Nation's Capital branching into South Amorica, Afraka, and Afro-Asiatiic countries. 

Distress Capital

Many Global Afrikan do not have access to a decent means of livelihood. Yet, without access to income these young people become dependent and a nuisance to their community. This organization will create a system that allows young people to become leaders in their own communities by incorporating critical analysis to job creation and aid community growth. The process of redlining contributes to lack of transparency in the auctioning of public property within the Nation’s Capital and all over the country. Unions bolster opportunities that encourage benefits for communities of color, from whom unionization has a critical component of their economic mobility.

Moor Strategic

We aim to form moor strategic partnerships and alliances to form relationships with communities around the world to create a more humane and sustainable environment. The partnerships are meant to act as growth levers for social enterprises and companies. 

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