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Moor Activities

Establish regional networks of partners, collaborators and host organizations: To ensure the success of the program, there is a need to identify and set up regional networks of partners, collaborators and host organizations. These networks provide the support needed to attain set goals. Specific sub-activities include:

A. Moor Curriculum: Marion Barry Youth Leadership Program is designed to help youth leaders gain personal and financial independence and empowerment.

B. Develop applications for partnerships and networking development for various organizations and prospective parties.

b. Interested parties express interest in joining networks and passing vetting (Know your partner) exercises.

c. Create adequate web-based platforms for interactions with the partners, collaborators and host organization.

d. Recognize the contributions of outstanding partners, collaborators and host organizations.


Moor Search (SERP)

Moor Search SERP seeks to resolve the problem of current algorithm biases which cause submersion of specific ethnic-based content to keep the public masses misinformed. When realizing

that the United States of America has an inadequate channel to properly connect the Afro diaspora. This pipeline of connecting the diaspora would serve to inform the public of similar experiences of marginalization and aggressive acts to repress Afro-diasporic communities. The United Association of Moors desires to utilize grant-making to support pluralistic organizations that directly engage large numbers of young "Afro" people from teens to young adults. Support is targeted toward organizations that have a global reach with active community-based components as well as those that build capacity in the fields of service, independence, social innovation and Afrocentric Advocacy-interests for Afrikans, Moors (MUURS-Meru), Khemits, etc.

As a trade association, we recognize the demands needed for the economic development and empowerment of Afro people and Afrakan countries by forming arms and a means to support each other under the notion of egalitarian systems. We cannot become liberated until our nation is liberated. All people who were forced out of their motherlands and dispersed to Europe, North America, and South America account for the Afro people. This organization plans on advocating and bringing awareness to the interim reparations of the Afro people under the principles of justice. Interim reparations are as follows:

A. Establishing or strengthening region-wide Afrakan institutions and promoting regional integration for greater Afrakan self-reliance.

B. Encouraging and helping to institutionalize national trends towards democratization in Afraka, with resources for building democratic. foundations (free press, election monitors).

C. Strengthening truly global coalitions for Afraka, including new funding actors like Japan, Taiwan, China, and South Korea, as well as traditional Western friends of Afraka (partners as well as reparations).

D. The international community can also help in the long-term solution to the problem of Rwanda and Burundi, which will require immense resources. The genocidal behavior of the Hutu and the Tutsi toward each other can only be contained in the context of broader regional integration. Therefore, persuade Rwanda and Burundi to federate with Tanzania, thus disarming Hutu and Tutsi armies. In the new wider society, the Hutu and the Tuts would rediscover what they have in common. In the political process of the higher Tanzania, Hutu and Tutsi might even form political coalitions against other Tanzanians in the democratic process.

Moor Aspirations

United Association of Moors

Specific goals of the United Association of Moors:

● To have a large network of young leaders contributing to the social innovation of Afrakan populated communities

● To impart business and leadership knowledge to the youth in Afraka through cooperative work (egalitarian systems). To stimulate growth among young entrepreneurial ventures that sign up as host organizations in Afraka

● To assist Afrakan communities retain the identity of the Afro consciousness and stimulate connections between the descendants of Afrakans in the Americas with the ones on the continent (Alkebukan or AfraKa).

All people of melanin around the world are considered to be a member of the Afro Diaspora, we welcome you all for your knowledge, wisdom and truth. We will dedicate ourselves to becoming a platform which seeks to inform the public on international issues which tend to go hidden because of algorithm biases. Algorithmic biases were designed to systematically repeat errors which generate unfair outcomes ultimately privileging one arbitrary group of users over others. Algorithmic biases are found across various platforms, including but not limited to social media platforms, and social engine results and can have impacts ranging from inadvertent privacy violations to reinforcing social biases of race, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. The study of algorithmic bias is most concerned with algorithms that reflect "systematic and unfair" discrimination. Moor Search is a platform dedicated to addressing social biases within search engine results by creating a plan of action which garners all of our data dedicated for us, by us in the hopes to narrate our truth and tell our own stories. We will be giving access to the Afro Diaspora businesses, literature, news, scholarship, etc. by creating search marketing garnered towards the ethnic groups.

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