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Moor About

In a 2016 report, the Center for American Progress, Afro Americans own approximately 1/10th of the wealth of White Americans, creating an opportunity for professional workforce development will abate the income inequality rates. To remedy the effects of a system that exploits Afro labor and Afrikan resources, we want to commence a venture that involves establishing a strong sense of community amongst Afro Americans. While promoting them to subscribe as members and donate only one dollar to reach our goal of 1,000,000 subscribers and dollars to redistribute and invest in Afro Communities. The United Association of Moors is an initiative run by Afro peoples for the Afro peoples community to establish successful businesses and generate employment opportunities. We will begin this step by developing a search engine that promotes businesses owned by the Afro community globally. We intend to decentralize the high-tech companies which control the actual networks and the dissemination and organization of information. With this recognition of centralized control, we understand that there would exist algorithmic bias in the content of the information being presented. For this reason and many others, we desire to immediately put funding of the subscription to dollars to the search engine and local projects.

Industry Focus

Our mission is to redevelop, reestablish and reaffirm the standing of Afrocentricity amongst all carbonated people and aid us towards economic empowerment through an organization built as unions and run for humanity. We put an emphasis on education and action through the development of understanding inter-communal investments that will work as building democratic socialist society for the Afro people.

Wealth—the measure of an individual's or family's financial net worth—provides all sorts of opportunities for American families except Afro-Americans, the inaccessibility that Afro Americans have to this net financial worth is the essential problem for the progression of our community. We can only acquire this wealth through the social awareness of the afro consciousness, self-identity, reestablishing the afro household, and education on investments on the afro lineage and accumulation of generational wealth. MMMI is a membership association that has the objective of gathering millions of Afro people around the world to join in hopes of generating change through investing and redistributing.

Diverse Portfolio

We are diverse learners and leaders that

recognize our development starts with the

inclusionary culture and structure of Afrika, we

acknowledge and act towards correcting the

paradoxes that inhibit the progression of

Alkebulan, cradle of mankind, and all of its



Nkozia X



Nazarene B.


Nana Damoah


Yaw Ansu


Noore Iverson


Ukuma II


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