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Nkozia, the author of 'Play the Game: Hierarchical Assimilation,' is a visionary leader and social entrepreneur dedicated to transforming communities by blending Afrakan principles with modern practices. Her innovative approach to community building has gained widespread recognition and has led to the founding of several successful organizations such as Moor Serp, Nehast Foundation, and the United Association of Moors.

Nkozia's work is grounded in her belief that sustainable development must be rooted in Afrakan traditions and principles, which emphasize collective responsibility, holistic thinking, and respect for the natural environment. Through her organizations, she aims to empower people to take charge of their lives and build sustainable communities that thrive on renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, and other innovative solutions.

In her book 'Play the Game: Hierarchical Assimilation,' Nkozia explores the concept of hierarchical assimilation and its impact on individuals and communities. She presents a compelling argument for why people should reject hierarchical structures that perpetuate inequality and instead embrace more egalitarian and collaborative models of social organization. If you are interested in learning more about Nkozia and her work, be sure to visit her website at Her work is sure to inspire and challenge you to think differently about how we build communities and create a more sustainable future for all.


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