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The Revolutionary Threat of Perpetual Anger & Violence

The father you spring from is the devil and willingly you carry out his wishes He brought death to man from the beginning, and has never based himself on truth; the truth is not in him Lying speech is his native tongue He is a liar and the father of lies John 8:44

Violence may be described as the exertion of physical force so as to abuse or injure, and violence may become a force to destroy property or injure people, whether, intentionally or with forceful verbal and emotional abuse that harms others. Violent acts cannot be fully comprehended through contemporary philosophical discussion, academic empirical analysis (e.g. sociological, psychological or political) or mass media coverage of violence. The year 2022, has marked an era of identifiable violent agents involving domestic terrorism, mass shootings, assaults, riots, ethnic cleansing, murders, wars, political corruption, genocide, etc. The observation that will be focused in this article is the integral link between perpetual violence and capitalism across the globe.

Our current capitalistic society has imbedded "symbolic" violence within various forms of media and has embodied legitimate violence within language and political action. Military interventionism masked as 'humanitarian operations' has been a citizen funded global terrorist organization against indigenous or Afrakan parties around the world for the extraction of resources, labor, or geo-strategic location. The economic-political purposes of capitalistic forces utterly prevents any radical socio-political transformation within the collective consciousness. The theoretical analysis of violence stem from the foundational problems of living within a capitalistic society which is based on the 'taking' from an individual, community, land, or nation. This violence festers into illogical violence against the self in as much there is a perpetuation of killing that benefits the cycle of capitalism.

War on Poverty

Global poverty seems to be a crime committed against the natural order of living things, nature, and humanity. Capitalism breeds poverty that constructs the conditions of criminality to a substantial degree. The covid-19 pandemic marks an era where it has caused an economic reset and an emergence of the New World Order. Covid-19 has become a time where people have become accustomed to living below the poverty line, claiming bankruptcy or becoming the wealthiest they have ever been. The conditions of individuals develop reactions that are a derivative of the synthesization of the person's perception of their behavioral, emotional, environmental, social, physical state and the organized motivations they bring into an environment. For example, the conditions under which the Afrakan diaspora live have been deliberately instituted by caucasians to accomplish definite ends of their desired interests. Joel Kovel confirms this stating:

...throughout our history, whites have created the institutions by which black people are forced to live, and which force them to live in a certain way, almost invariably so as to foster just that constellation of unworthy traits. From slavery itself to modern welfare systems, this has been the enduring pattern, reinforced in popular culture and education by a panoply of stereotypes along the same lines. 
 The result of these cultural manipulations has been to ensure to the black person a preassigned degraded role, no matter where he turned.  

Capitalism, white racism and other forms of bigotry against non-whites (e.g. indigenous, Afrakans, etc), are designed to sustain a system of relative, absolute and perfect poverty. Poverty is represented by the intended exploitation, vicious robbery, and extortion of the labor, wealth and resources of the non-whites (e.g. indigenous, Diasporic Afrakans, etc.) community by the white community. Hence, crime caused by poverty is a form of criminality which is produced by racial capitalism or white violence.

The counter argument of elitists may be that there were three main government programs that directly transferred cash income to individuals and families- the Economic Impact Payments (EIPs), the Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (PUC) program and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, however, they were extremely small payments that did not cover housing nor food insecurity. To add insult to injury, there were profound disruptions to the emotional state of people from the uncertainty regarding the pandemic resulting in the closures of schools, stores, restaurants, churches and other facilities, the uncertainty about future income streams, concerns about the health of loved ones, and the unprecedented control of government that increases hardships.

War on Wealth

Wealth is a means by which a person, groups of people or company may acquire a mass of resources at the expense of another person or groups of people. Morals, personal characteristics, perspective, values, socio-ecological context and other transducers may evoke criminal behavior. The middle and ruling class have monopolized forms of violence such as extortion, murder, thievery, robbery, fraud, etc. Their assumed non-criminality is due to the social contract of how a society define what crime is and manipulate the masses to be distracted with committed crimes amongst each other. The wealthy's criminal activities are devolved through their advertising agents (brainwashers), armed forces (terrorists), bankers (loan sharks), businessmen (extortionists), consortiums (drug rings), corporations (swindlers), diplomats (figureheads), sales persons (con artists), police forces (executioners), and other euphemistically organizations whose nefarious pursuits are whitewashed by deceptive terms and legitimized by their given power. The ongoing political violence that allows the taking of dignity, property, wealth, and lives of others by force is identified as war. If the masses of people remain silent and docile in war the history books will write that they were happy to have been war captives, contraband, slaves, or second class citizens.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the perpetual nature of violence and its relationship to the economy. Employment rates dropped by 14% in April of 2020, which has caused a spike in drug use and violence ever since. The masses of people around the world are held in a cycle of anger, hunger, or violence. The charity of governments or international aid organizations becomes the humanitarian mask hiding the face of economic exploitation. The theory of political violence that is articulated in this article is structural violence as the core of global capitalism and to expose racism and racial violence as fear which is deeply rooted in the liberal and tolerant multicultural societies obsessed with political correctness. Subjective violence is an identifiable agent that can be recognized by many but it is only one facet of the global systemic violent machine.

In a report by the OX FAMILY organization, titled, Power, Profits and the Pandemic: From corporate extraction for the few to an economy that works for all, it states:

The worsening inequality crisis triggered by COVID-19 is fueled by an economic model that has allowed some of the world's largest corporations to funnel billions of dollars in profits to shareholders, giving yet another windfall to the world's top billionaires, a small group of mostly white men. At the same time, it has left low-wage workers and women to pay the price of the pandemic without social or financial protection. Since the onset of the pandemic, large corporations have put profits before workers' safety, pushed costs down the supply chain and used their political influence to shape policy responses. COVID-19 should be the catalyst for radically reining in corporate power, restructuring business models with purpose and rewarding all those that work with profits, creating an economy for all.

The COVID-19 has become a motivation for the elitist to further prey upon the disproportionately vulnerable, creating an environment where the poor must victimize each other in a state of confusion. The inadequate investment in research and infrastructure to mitigate miseducation, corrupt development companies, unethical politicians, and increasing corporate consolidation has sparked an era of chaos that may lead to anarchy without proper political people organizing. About 400+ million jobs have been lost during the pandemic, yet, 32 of the world's most profitable companies made about $109 billion more in 2020 than in previous years. Global Fortune 500 firms increased their profits by 156% from $820 billion in 2009 to $2.1 trillion in 2019. U.S. pharmaceutical companies developing COVID-19 vaccines with billions in public money- Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Pfizer- distributed $16 billion to shareholders in January 2020. Keep in mind, these pharmaceutical companies stated they would not be held legally responsible for any health crisis their vaccines may create, yet, it has been mandated by many public facilities.

The world's six largest oil companies- Exxon Mobil, Total, Shell, Petrobras, Chevron and BP- had a net loss of $61.7 billion from January to July 2020 but managed to pay out $31 billion to shareholders during the same time. Seplat Petroleum, Nigeria's largest oil company, paid out 132% of profits to shareholders in the first six months of 2020, while the country was at risk for an economic collapse. In 2022, as inflation increases and strife continues between Russia and Ukraine the price of gas has gone to astronomical heights, despite, the ongoing economic crisis of the everyday person. In fact, gas is higher in countries erroneously identified as "undeveloped", further exploiting an already vulnerable and disenfranchised community. The irony in these prices in supposed 'undeveloped' countries is that the economy is much worst due to the incessant forces of 'developed' countries motivations to steal, rob, and kill by any means necessary for power, glory, or wealth.

This matter was observed in Ghana & Morocco.

This gas station price of OLA Energy was taken in Rabat, Morocco in early April 2022. The conversion rate was about 9 MAD to 1 US dollar. Gas stations in Afraka usually present the price per liter versus a gallon. This means that a liter cost about $1.5 calculating to about $6 a gallon. OLA Energy CEO is Fayed Altwair.

This gas station price of Total Energies was taken in Accra, Ghana in early June 2022. The conversion rate was about 6.5 GHC to 1 US dollar. Gas stations in Afraka usually present the price per liter versus a gallon. This means that a liter cost about $2 calculating to about $8 a gallon. Total Energies is a French petrpleum company founded in 1924. The CEO is Patrick Pouyanné.

Due to the present state of the collective consciousness, many are unfamiliar or uninformed of these grave atrocities against humanity. However, subconsciously they are motivations within the masses to portray rage which has caused a state of perpetual violence from the ongoing cycles of hunger.

This revolutionary threat of violence may become the means of bringing into existence a just society...

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