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The Revolutionary Threat of Perpetual Anger & Violence

The father you spring from is the devil and willingly you carry out his wishes He brought death to man from the beginning, and has never based himself on truth; the truth is not in him Lying speech is his native tongue He is a liar and the father of lies John 8:44

Violence may be described as the exertion of physical force so as to abuse or injure, and violence may become a force to destroy property or injure people, whether, intentionally or with forceful verbal and emotional abuse that harms others. Violent acts cannot be fully comprehended through contemporary philosophical discussion, academic empirical analysis (e.g. sociological, psychological or political) or mass media coverage of violence. The year 2022, has marked an era of identifiable violent agents involving domestic terrorism, mass shootings, assaults, riots, ethnic cleansing, murders, wars, political corruption, genocide, etc. The observation that will be focused in this article is the integral link between perpetual violence and capitalism across the globe.

Our current capitalistic society has imbedded "symbolic" violence within various forms of media and has embodied legitimate violence within language and political action. Military interventionism masked as 'humanitarian operations' has been a citizen funded global terrorist organization against indigenous or Afrakan parties around the world for the extraction of resources, labor, or geo-strategic location. The economic-political purposes of capitalistic forces utterly prevents any radical socio-political transformation within the collective consciousness. The theoretical analysis of violence stem from the foundational problems of living within a capitalistic society which is based on the 'taking' from an individual, community, land, or nation. This violence festers into illogical violence against the self in as much there is a perpetuation of killing that benefits the cycle of capitalism.

War on Poverty

Global poverty seems to be a crime committed against the natural order of living things, nature, and humanity. Capitalism breeds poverty that constructs the conditions of criminality to a substantial degree. The covid-19 pandemic marks an era where it has caused an economic reset and an emergence of the New World Order. Covid-19 has become a time where people have become accustomed to living below the poverty line, claiming bankruptcy or becoming the wealthiest they have ever been. The conditions of individuals develop reactions that are a derivative of the synthesization of the person's perception of their behavioral, emotional, environmental, social, physical state and the organized motivations they bring into an environment. For example, the conditions under which the Afrakan diaspora live have been deliberately instituted by caucasians to accomplish definite ends of their desired interests. Joel Kovel confirms this stating:

...throughout our history, whites have created the institutions by which black people are forced to live, and which force them to live in a certain way, almost invariably so as to foster just that constellation of unworthy traits. From slavery itself to modern welfare systems, this has been the enduring pattern, reinforced in popular culture and education by a panoply of stereotypes along the same lines. 
 The result of these cultural manipulations has been to ensure to the black person a preassigned degraded role, no matter where he turned.  

Capitalism, white racism and other forms of bigotry against non-whites (e.g. indigenous, Afrakans, etc), are designed to sustain a system of relative, absolute and perfect poverty. Poverty is represented by the intended exploitation, vicious robbery, and extortion of the labor, wealth and resources of the non-whites (e.g. indigenous, Diasporic Afrakans, etc.) community by the white community. Hence, crime caused by poverty is a form of criminality which is produced by racial capitalism or white violence.

The counter argument of elitists may be that there were three main government programs that directly transferred cash income to individuals and families- the Economic Impact Payments (EIPs), the Pandemic Unemploymen