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Lawsuit against Big Tech: Apple, Alphabet, Dell, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, & More for Child Slavery

A lawsuit was filed by International Rights Advocates in December 2019 on behalf of families from the Democratic Republic of the Kongo that inculpates several distinguished electronic multinationals of aiding and abetting in the "deaths or serious, crippling injuries" of children laboring in cobalt mines. The other human rights violation is the robbery and exploitation of minerals from the Kongo while violence ensues in the country. Big tech companies, owned by majority caucasian men, opulence is disparaging, for it has been founded on exploitation of Afrakan labor, it has been nourished with the blood of enslaved people and it comes directly from the soil of the "underdeveloped" world. These companies are physically and digitally committing acts of atrocity as their companies success is built on the sweat and dead bodies of Afrakan indigenous people. Chemical-germ warfare, massacres, forced labor, and slavery have been the main methods used by capitalism and neocolonialism to increase its wealth, its lithium, bauxite, cobalt, gold, or diamond reserve, to establish its power in the physical and digital realm. Apple, Google, Dell, and Tesla, knowingly sourced lithium-ion batteries, a component for electric gadgets from manufacturers sourcing cobalt excavated from Kongolese sites at which children were maimed and killed while mining. According to the lawsuit filed, there were various young plaintiffs maimed, who were mining for Kongo Dongfang, a company apart of Huayou Cobard that sells cobalt to Apple and Microsoft. Evidence of this will be shown below of a plaintiff with crushed legs:

The International Rights Advocates (IRA) reports that children working under "extremely dangerous stone age conditions" and "