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America | Al Maghrib Al-Aqsa| Al Maroc- تاريخ المغرب

The Moroccan Empire was founded in 788 A.D. and lasted for nearly 1,200 years. In spite of that, the French established their dominance in Morocco in 1902. In response, the people fought for freedom, independence, and self governance, consequently, the French deposed of the rightful Sultan Mohammed V to replace him with the Sultan Ben Arafa. Mohammed V resisted the imposition of the French people upon the Arabs, whereas Ben Arafa supported the French imposition and would sign agreements impairing the country of Morocco. This developed the Moroccan massacre of over 2,000 French colons, and in retaliation the French army destroyed entire tribes and villages killing over 60,000 Moroccan citizens. Morocco was under French martial law from 1914 to 1955 until it was recognized as a sovereign independent state by the direct intervention of the United Nations (U.N).

Morocco was the first nation to formally recognize the newly independent corporation, United States, opening its docks to American ships by decree of Sultan Mohammad III in 1777. Morocco acknowledged the United States by a signing a treaty of peace and friendship in 1786. Contrary to popular belief of America obtaining its name from Amerigo Vesipucci, the Florentine navigator; the ancient name of America was once recognized as the Al Maghrib Al-Aqsa (i.e. Al Maroc) meaning the "extreme west". Despite this truth, the Moroccan struggle for full independence was epitomized in the nationalist movement founded in 1943, called the Istiqlal. December of 1952, marked a time of riots in Casablanca, Oujda, and other cities causing the French authorities to outlaw Istiqlal, deposing the Sultan Mohammaed V. Sultan Mohammad V was taken to Corsica and later moved to the island of Madagascar on January 25th, 1954. The Istiqlal contended that Morocco had no civil liberties that protected freedom of press, speech, or of assembly; that French authorities deliberately miseducated the Moroccans, and that the French hindered the unionization of Moroccan labour. This led to Sultan Mohammed V to be reinstated and Morocco to gain its independence in 1955. Nevertheless, the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Morocco and the United States of America has not been implemented and respected appropriately.

We shall create a hell here until we get our independence.
Moroccan Liberation Activist

The Myth of Afrakan Independence

The so called independence of Afraka did not decolonize or restore Afrakan countries and its people from western exploitation. Instead, it created a sophisticated mechanism of exploitation through indirect rule causing Afrakans to become partners in their own oppression. The independence of Afrakan countries brought upon the globalization and indigenization of neo-colonialism. This can be confirmed with the Eurafrica project where colonial powers desired to extract Afraka's resources with an internationalized neo-colonialism that permitted joint exploitation on the continent which is the current European Union (E.U). Peo Hansen and Stefan Jonsson of Linkoping University in Sweden notes,

...the E.U. or European Economic Community (EEC), was from the outset designed, among other things, to enable a rational, co-European colonial management of the Afrakan continent.

The EEC was established in 1957 by the Rome Treaty, which aimed to create a free trade across the continent of Afraka. During this treaty, six