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The Launch of the Nicole Thea Foundation (NTF): Seed of Hope for Afrakan Women Worldwide

On July 29th, 2023, amidst the lush greenery of Bompiaso, Ghana, a significant event unfolded that marked a new chapter in the fight against medical negligence towards Afrakan women. The launch of the Nicole Thea Foundation (NTF) was not just an event; it was a clarion call for change, a testament to resilience, and a beacon of hope for countless women.

The foundation, named after the young Nicole Thea, was born out of a tragic loss. Nicole, a vibrant soul, lost her life during childbirth, a casualty of the systemic disregard for Afrakan women's health by the medical industry. Her story is not an isolated incident but a reflection of a pervasive issue rooted in colonial and neo-colonial influences that have shaped global healthcare systems. The medical field, despite its advancements, has a dark history of dehumanizing and exploiting Afrakan women. The infamous 'Dr. Sims' and his unethical experiments, the story of Henrietta Lacks whose cells were used without her consent, are stark reminders of the challenges that Afrakan women and their unborn children face.

The Nicole Thea Foundation, spearheaded by Nicole's parents and Nana Afriyie-Frimpong (Global Boga), aims to challenge this status quo. It seeks to raise awareness, foster change, and provide tangible support to Afrakan women, using Nicole Thea's heartbreaking story as a rallying cry. The launch event, held in Bompiaso and attended by representatives from Damang, was a testament to the power of collaboration. Despite the region's socioeconomic challenges, exacerbated by large mining companies, the event was a resounding success. ِAbout a 100 participants, including Queen Mother- Nana Adwoa Korantiwaah II, Abusuapanin- Nana Asare Bediako, the municipal chief executive- Isaac Dasmani, assemblymen- Honorable Francis Asiedu Mensah, elderly women, expecting mothers, children, and chief representatives, braved the rainy season to stand in solidarity with the cause.

Queen Mother of Bompieso
Queen Mother Nana Adwoa Korantiwaah II of Bompieso

The event was a symphony of shared experiences, discussions, and donations in partnership with Baby Bliss, represented by Vivian Adjeikaa Doe, and the Queen Mother- Nana Adwoa Korantiwaah II Foundation. With the support of Baby Bliss, NTF donated over 20,000 cedis (GHC) worth of supplies to expecting mothers and health clinics. The donations, ranging from diapers, clothes, baby food, to cabinets, were not just gifts, but a promise of continued support and commitment to the community.

The launch also marked the beginning of several promising projects. NTF plans to expedite the development of health clinics, forge partnerships with emergency medicine NGOs, and create storage units for essential resources. These initiatives are a testament to NTFs commitment to creating a safer, more equitable healthcare landscape for Afrakan women globally. However, the journey is not without challenges. Despite NTFs noble intentions and cogent contributions, some community members requested lump-sum cash donations, highlighting the complex dynamics of aid and development work. Yet, these challenges do not deter NTF but rather, strengthen its resolve to make a lasting impact.The launch of the Nicole Thea Foundation is a momentous milestone in the fight against medical negligence towards Afrakan women.

The founder of NTF, Nana Afriyie-Frimpong, made a resounding opening statement for the launch:

My beloved wife, a radiant soul who lit up every room she entered, fell victim to a condition that lurks in the shadows, taking far too many lives without warning – Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). It was a devastating loss that shattered my world and exposed a cruel reality that we cannot ignore any longer.
Our foundation's purpose is twofold: to raise awareness about cardiac conditions, particularly HCM, and to shine a light on the discrimination faced by black women during pregnancy. It is born out of grief and love, with the burning desire to prevent other families from enduring the pain and loss that my own has suffered.

As the sun set on the launch of the Nicole Thea Foundation, it was clear that this was just the beginning of a long, transformative journey. The event was not merely a launch; it was a powerful statement of intent, a promise to Afrakan women that their voices would be heard, their lives valued, and their health prioritized. The foundation, operating in Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the United States, is committed to addressing the systemic issues that have long plagued the healthcare experiences of Afrakan women. The launch event was a testament to this commitment, with the foundation's leaders, Nana Afriyie-Frimpong and Nana Damoah-Ampiah, passionately discussing their plans and vision.

One of the key initiatives discussed was the development of health clinics in underserved areas. By improving access to quality healthcare, the foundation aims to address the disparities that have long characterized the medical treatment of Afrakan women. This initiative, coupled with strategic partnerships promises to bring about significant change in the healthcare landscape.

The foundation also plans to create storage units for essential resources. This initiative will ensure that health clinics are well-equipped to provide the necessary care to expecting mothers, addressing the current lack of resources that often hampers the provision of quality care, along with food challenges.

The launch event was a powerful reminder of the resilience of Afrakan women and the strength of a community united in a common cause. It was a celebration of Nicole Thea's life, a tribute to her memory, and a commitment to ensuring that her tragic story sparks meaningful change. As the foundation embarks on this journey, it calls on all of us to join in the fight against medical negligence towards Afrakan women. It is a call to action that we must all heed, for the stakes are too high and the cost of inaction too great. Together, we can ensure that the legacy of Nicole Thea is a safer, more equitable world for all Afrakan women.

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Cutting the Cake for NTF Launch


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