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Mer to Muur|Moor: KMT MDW NTR Edition

It is imperative for global citizens around the world to overstand the power of division and its relationship to social constructions. Race does not exists and any person who chooses to identify with a racial construct perpetuates and condones racial capitalism and white supremacy. People may or may not realize this so the question becomes what can we do?

For something to be socially defined as a construct entails it was brought into existence by shaped universal history, events and sources. Classifications exists in the empty space of language, institutions, material interactions, and interactive practices with other people. If race is tied to one's essence what does that say about the essence itself? Is it limited by social paradigms or is it limitless like dark matter?

The first step is to re-educate our minds to gain insight that classifications of human populations by 'race' is not supported by genetic data. The western biomedical science field is filled with incongruities which aim to exploit physical differences to cause social issues regarding self-identification, collective representation, equality, stigmatization, racism, discrimination, and resource distribution. These societal differences have caused our environments to be influenced by ignorance and misinformation. State bureaucracies adopting classifications that contribute to discourse of 'race' such as nationality, geography, ethnicity, and ancestry has diseased global societies with inequities. There is no such thing as black, white, Afrakan, Mexican, Asian, European, Columbian, Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan, Sudanese, etc. What prestige is there in identifying as an arbitrary boundary or social construct created for oppression?

Race based science is a detriment to our civilizations as it causes social and ethical implications in the field of genetic and medical research. The paradigms of human identity based on race are unethical biological constructs which are socially accepted. Societies accepting the membership of a racial category or group is the result of an influenced psyche from its restrictive environment. Social negotiations have been required to determine the criteria that are implemented to judge the association of various groups and categories. ‘Racial’ classification schemes are imbedded in social institutions, legal codes, policies and practices, as documented in 'Conceptualizing Human Variation' the author argues:

"some of the ‘racial’ taxa of earlier European science used by law and politics were converted into social identities. For example, the self-defined identities of enslaved Africans were replaced with the singular ‘Negro’ or ‘black’, and Europeans became ‘Caucasian’, thus creating identities based on physical traits rather than on history and cultural tradition. Another example of social construction is seen in the laws of various countries that assigned ‘race’ (actually social group or position) based on the proportion of particular ancestries held by an individual. The entities resulting from these political machinations have nothing to do with the sub-structuring of the species by evolutionary mechanisms." (2004: S18)

The pattern of socially defined constructs pervading in global culture condones oppressive systems like racial capitalism denotes that civilizations worldwide are regressing.