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Life in Ghana

Pan-Afrakanism is a general term for various movements in Afraka that have as their common goal the unity of Afrakans and the elimination of colonialism and white supremacy from the continent. However, on the scope and meaning of Pan-Afrakanism, including such matters as leadership, political orientation, and national as opposed to regional interests, they are widely, often bitterly, divided.

—“Pan-Afrakanism,” Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia

The Afrakans that had been stolen from their land and brought to the Americas, held as war captives or enslaved while living in the Americas and other portions of the world are the key to the locked door of the motherland Afraka (i.e. Alkebulan). The people that inhabit the lands of Afraka are trapped behind a locked door with treasures which they are unable to utilize, thus, without the unity of the locked door and key, the people will forever remain lost in the matrix (i.e. meta-verse) of neocolonialism and globalization. The only solution is for Afrakans around the world to rise up and reclaim their identity, their throne, and their sovereignty.

The Afrakan people must inquire about what has become of Afrakan nations and its independence in the year of 2022. Are the institutions we apart of extensions of the colonial system? If so, does that then makes us (i.e. Afrakans) agents of our own demise? It has taken me a while to write my experiences on the continent because it has put me in a state of great shock. Despite our ancestors sacrificing their lives for liberation, independence, sovereignty and innovation, we find ourselves in a cycle of bondage that can only be broken by our own will together. Unity is the solution; yet it is the most difficult concept for the Afrakan people to practice today. There are several factors that attribute to the disunity but the most sensible answer is the divide and conquer technique that has been a dominating force in our global Afrakan communities. The truth is blatant and cannot be changed thus the problems & solutions lie within us. Must we continue to punish ourselves and our children or shall we liberate our minds and bodies?

As I document experiences, stories, and historical moments I will utilize studies in political science, anthropology, economics, and heritage tourism in order to place a fluid set of ideas like Pan-Africanism (or Diaspora and globalization for that matter) in their proper contexts. I first came to Ghana inspired by the first president Kwame Nkrumah and its people that attempted to develop a single nation-state as a base for exporting a set of transnational economic and political ideas. As I settle here in Ghana, I realize those aspirations in the 1960's have been strategically thwarted by government and western leaders around the world. In economics, they label this as a resource trap or resource curse syndrome, referring to the paradox that countries with an abundance of natural resources, such as petroleum or biogas, tend to have less economic growth and more corruption than countries with fewer natural resources. However, as a global scholar I realize the western world has mastered their indoctrination systems to control the narratives and outcomes including the use of resources in Afrakan countries. My biggest concern are the Afrakan leaders that abide by these unethical and unlawful economic pursuits believing no one cares to challenge them or rectify the injustices.

Afrakan decolonization is an ongoing struggle that has not been recognized by many Afrakans within the diaspora and it must change or we are doomed. Life in Ghana is peaceful yet taunting due to the modern effects of neocolonialism and globalization the local people struggle to protect their environment, their minds, and their future. The education system is poorly funded yet government taxes is taken increasingly, in fact, in December of 2021, the Parliament of Ghana announced a proposal to take additional tax from mobile money which was specifically designed for people in rural areas to have better access to funds. This proposed bill to parliament resulted in a violent demonstration between parties and continues to be a huge conflict in the country. Alongside, the inflation rates in Ghana should be deemed unconstitutional as it negatively impairs the people of the nation. The government of Ghana fails to ensure waste products in the nation are properly taken care of and it litters the oceans, gutters, streets, forests, mountains, etc, despite the government paying for waste management companies. It is the sole responsibility of the government to handle the waste in Ghana, yet, it has been poorly taken care of to the extent the citizens attempt to burn their garbage to get rid of it, causing air pollution. The solutions are attainable in Ghana but little is executed- my theory is that the United Kingdom (U.K) has continuous colonial ties with Ghana. However, many western nations profit from the economic demise of Ghana and leaders take short-term profit for some reason. The solution is to expose these issues by coming together inhibiting it from being maintained.

The return to Afraka, is the promise and premise of Pan Afrakanism vision of victorious Afraka free of foreign intervention, domination and invasion. As we find ourselves in this new entertainment age, we simultaneously have access to information, thus, we are aware of the great and boundless opportunities that exists within Afraka and its people. We must not fear creating and protecting our societies from our enemies because our throne will be reclaimed from the usurpers. The Berlin Conference is where usurpers plotted... “European society found the principle of resource theft perfectly acceptable, indeed, inevitable . . . . formalized this acceptance of brutality as good governance for Africa” (Armah 2010, p. 15). Now is the time for us to study ourselves, our homes, and our stories.

It is no accident that such a high state of culture existed in Africa and you and I know nothing about it. Why, the man knew that as long as you and I thought we were somebody he could never treat us like we were nobody. So he had to invent a system that would strip us of everything about us that we could use to prove we were somebody. And once he had stripped us of all human characteristics, stripped us of our language, stripped us of our history, stripped us of all our cultural knowledge, and brought us to the level of animals, he then began to treat us like an animal, selling us from one plantation to another, selling us from one owner to another, breeding us like you breed cattle.
--Malcolm X 1992, p. 54

The development of an effective based financial sector is critical for the continuous adjustment effort of the Ghanian economy. The regulation policies of banks in Ghana are governed by the Banking Act of 1970, the Banking Regulations of 1973, the Bank of Ghana Act of 1963, and amendments or decrees issues in due course since the enactment of the legislation. The banking system is outdated and compromised as it mirrors western style banking instead of utilizing non-western principals and philosophy. In fact, many Afrakan nations are adopting the system of capitalism without recognizing the detrimental effects. The etymology of capitalism is indeed cattle so it is quite paradoxical for Afrakan nations to adhere to this system considering they do not have to. The system of capitalism is an arbitrary one created to destroy all things natural including hu(e)mans, animals, nature, etc. To strengthen the banking system in Ghana, the existing body of laws, rules, and regulations will need to be amended to address the existent corruption with western nations and western agents in Afraka. There should monetary penalties in place for violation of laws and regulations strengthened and revised to serve as a deterrent to illegal and imprudent acts from authority officials. The time for liberation is now and it is up to all of us. Liberty or Death?


So the last shall be first and the first last: for many be called but few chosen.
Matthew 20:16

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